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API Overview

Utilizing PowerTrade's API, you have two distinct options to choose from based on your experience and desired level of complexity. Both APIs offer unique advantages, catering to different levels of expertise:
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    Simplified API - "Market Proxy": The Market Proxy API is a user-friendly, simplified version of the API designed for traders who are looking for an easy-to-use interface. This API provides access to essential trading functionalities and is highly recommended for those new to APIs or prefer a more straightforward experience.
You can find the documentation for the Market Proxy API here.
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    Core Exchange API: The Core Exchange API is intended for experienced users who are familiar with API trading and need advanced functionalities. This API offers a more comprehensive set of features and allows for greater customization and control over trading strategies. It is recommended for seasoned traders who have prior experience with API trading.
You can find the documentation for the Core Exchange API here.

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