API Overview

Public Endpoints

a. Reference Data (static instrument/trading rules information)

WebSockets: Reference Data Documentation

b. Top of Book, Order books, Risk, Settlement Price, Index Price

WebSockets: Documentation

c. Public Trades

REST: Documentation

WebSockets: Documentation

d. Exchange Statistics (Volume, % Price Change)

REST: Documentation

Private Endpoints

(See the Authentication page for access token generation)

a. FIX API for Order Management

Order Entry: Documentation

Drop Copy: Documentation

Examples in Go: See on Github

b. Positions and Balances

WebSockets: Documentation

REST: Documentation

c. History (Trades, Deposits, Withdrawals, Settlement, Funding)

REST: Documentation

Core Exchange API

Not recommended for external use and/or new integrations due to it's complexity.

Get in touch if you think you need this.


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