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Subaccounts can be funded internally from your main account or other subaccounts, or they can be funded externally by performing a crypto deposit from an external wallet.

Internal Fund Transfers

Internal Transfers are Free of Charge

No transaction fees will be levied on the following types of internal fund transfers:


Your main account

A subaccount under your main account

A subaccount under your main account

Your main account

A subaccount under your main account

A subaccount under your main account

Transferring funds between a main account and its subaccounts does not touch the blockchain, so these transactions are free of charge and virtually instantaneous. However, it should be noted that moving funds out of an account will affect the health of the account. Please move funds carefully to prevent any unexpected liquidation by our risk engine.

Performing an Internal Transfer

To begin, navigate to the Account Management screen by clicking Subaccounts from the Profile menu.

Select the appropriate subaccount and click 'More' button next to it, then choose Transfer from the menu.

This will take you to the Fund Transfer screen. Specify the asset type, the Source Account and Destination Account for the internal transfer, and the numerical amount to be transferred. Click Transfer button to confirm the transfer once you have verified all the information.

Deposits from External Wallets

External Deposits Incur Network Fees

Funds can be deposited directly into a subaccount from an external source. PowerTrade does not levy fees on external deposits, but network fees may apply.

Performing an External Deposit

To begin, open Your Accounts menu and switch to your destination subaccount by clicking it.

Select Funds from main menu.

Choose the appropriate asset type from list and click Deposit button for that asset.

This will bring up the Deposit screen. You can also tap on the QR code icon to reveal your wallet's address in QR code form.

Important Note: Be sure to only transfer the correct type of currency into the selected wallet. Transferring the wrong type of cryptocurrency may render it unrecoverable!

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