Proof of Identity (Requirements)

As part of the account verification process, you will be required to submit a photo of a Proof of Identity (POI) document. This photo can be taken using PowerTrade's in-app camera or can be an upload of a previously-taken photo.

Commonly accepted documents

The photo ID page of an International passport is the document that's most likely to meet our POI document requirements. Certain countries' National ID Cards, Residence cards, or Driver's Licenses also work, but only if they meet the requirements below.

Document Requirements

If you are in doubt about whether your document is acceptable, please check that it meets these requirements:

  • Document must be government-issued. Internationally recognized documents (like passports or certain ID cards) are preferred.

  • Document must be within its validity period (i.e. not expired).

  • Document must contain a head shot photo.

  • Document has sufficient ID fraud security features

Photo Requirements

Even if your document is acceptable, the photo you submit needs to be legible. Please ensure that the submitted photo meets the following requirements:

  • Must be a photo of your physical ID document (NOT a photo from a computer or mobile device screen displaying your ID document)

  • Photo must not be cropped to obscure any vital information.

  • All information on the document must be legible.

  • Photo must be reasonably in focus and not be too blurry to read.

  • Photo must show all four corners of the document.

  • Photo must be full-color and unfiltered. No monochrome or filtered photos will be accepted.

Common rejection reasons

Here are some common causes of POI document photos being unacceptable.

  • The Proof of Identity document submitted is not an accepted type.

  • The Proof of Identity document submitted is a photo from a computer/mobile device screen and not a photo of a hard copy.

  • The details you entered didn't match the details on the submitted document.

  • The photo of the document is unclear or blurry.

  • The photo doesn't show the four corners of the document.

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