Institutional Account Verification

Documents/Information Required

Please find below the list of the information we require for the verification process of a corporate entity and the ultimate beneficial owners (“UBOs”).

If you are not able to provide any of the documents listed below, please inquire with your PowerTrade onboarding point of contact directly, so they can advise you on alternative courses of action.

Corporate entity details

  1. Legal name of the entity:

  2. Any other “Doing Business As” name(s):

  3. Type of legal entity (limited company, public corporation, charity, partnership, etc.):

  4. Registered office address of the entity:

  5. Business registration number:

  6. Description of business (activities):

  7. Country of incorporation:

  8. Date of incorporation:

  9. URL of government website containing your company details that verifies the authenticity of the registration (if none exists, please enter N/A):

Corporate entity supporting documents

  1. Certificate of incorporation;

  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association (containing the structure and rules of the company);

  3. Recent (not older than three months) extract from the Chamber of Commerce, Business Register and/or Financial Services Commission;

  4. Recent (not older than three months) proof of registered office (bank statement, tax bill, a document from a regulator);

  5. Ownership structure chart showing the directors and shareholders, including share percentages and countries of residence/incorporation;

  6. A signed statement confirming the principal place of business is not in a restricted country and no transactions (deposits, withdrawals, trades) take place in or to a restricted country (this document is attached as a PDF to this email.)

UBO information and supporting documents

  1. List of full names, dates of birth, residential addresses and ownership percentages of shareholders who own 25% or more of the shares;

  2. List of full names, dates of birth and residential addresses of all directors;

  3. Photo ID (i.e. valid Passport) plus proof of residence of each director and each shareholder that own 25% or more of the shares.

Still have questions?

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