Setting up your Account

After you first sign-in, you will need to create a Multi-Signature (multi-sig) wallet. This one-time step is necessary to store your funds and interact with PowerDEX.

If you want to learn how PowerDEX uses Multi-signature wallet technology, click here.

How to Generate your Multi-Signature Wallet

If you connect a new wallet that has not been used with PowerDEX, you will be prompted to create a multi-sig wallet.

  1. To create your Multi-sig, click on the “Generate” button.

  1. You will then be prompted via a popup to confirm creation of the multi-sig wallet. Click "Confirm". You will be charged a gas fee for this interaction. PowerDEX will reimburse your account for the cost of multi-sig creation via trading fee rebates.

  1. The mutli-sig wallet creation will begin processing. This may take a moment. When the wallet is set up, you will see the below window. You can also view the wallet on the Block Explorer using the link.

Now that your account is set up, deposit funds and start trading.

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