All private endpoints require a valid access token.

Generate an API Key and Private Key

  • Create an account on the Power Trade's web application.

  • In the account profile menu in the top right and choose API Keys

  • The resulting API Key api_key and Private key private_key can be used to generate a JWT.

Generate an access token - JWT

Use the ES256 algorithm and add {client: "api"} to the payload when generating the token jwt_token.

Example in python

Using PyJWT

def generate_access_token(api_key, private_key):
    now = utils.time.time_s()
    return jwt.encode({"exp": now + 60, "iat": now,
                       "sub": api_key, "client": "api"}, private_key, algorithm="ES256")

Example in Node.js

Using jsrsasign

import rs from "jsrsasign";

const header = { alg: "ES256", typ: "JWT" };

const payload = {
  sub: api_key,
  iat: rs.KJUR.jws.IntDate.get("now"),
  exp: getUnixTime(add(, { days: 10 })),
  client: "api",
  nonce: getUnixTime(,

const headerString = JSON.stringify(header);
const payloadString = JSON.stringify(payload);

return rs.KJUR.jws.JWS.sign("ES256", headerString, payloadString, private_key);

Web Based JWT builder

If you want a quick way to verify that your API Key is working, you can also use our web based jwt builder:

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